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Author Topic: What year or 'generation' is your ForFour ?  (Read 2084 times)


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What year or 'generation' is your ForFour ?
« on: July 25, 2017, 11:23:28 AM »

Quite simply there are 2 'generations' of the Smart ForFour.

W454 (more commonly called 454) was the model designation for
the first generation (or Gen.1) ForFour made between 2004-2007.

W453 is the designation of the second generation (or Gen.2) ForFour
made from 2014->

NOTE:- For owners of W453 (Gen.2) ForFours...

At the time/date of this post there are very few; if any; Technical Guides
or posts on the Forum by owners of second generation (Gen.2) ForFours.
Why... ?
The majority of W453's are still in the MB/Smart warranty period,
which means that no one other than an MB dealership can do any
work to/on them.   If anyone else does, then the MB/Smart Warrantee
is cancelled and no claim can be made to MB/Smart for any issues that
arise after that point in time.
As and when the Warrantee period expires owners will then be able to
work on and even modify their car (if they fancy), as well as be able to
take them to any MB/Smart approved Independant garage (if you can
find one within your area). If you find one, then they can then do any
work that is necessary or any other work you may request....such as

We thought we could re-direct you to the website of the 'silent partner'
of this Forum's Admin Team...Evil from  as there
was talk he was about to aquire a 453 (the smaller ForTwo), which is
basically the same as the W453 ForFour, except that it has 3 and not
5 doors !    However.......he bought the Electric Version.
For any/all bodywork and possible suspension/chassis issues, then it
is safe to assume that it would be ideal if you visited his website.
(We may copy any suspension/chassis information over to here later)
If however your W453 is an IC engined version then it will not be
of much help if you have any engine/transmission issues.

Our hope is that eventually Technical Guides for the Gen2 will appear
on here as time moves on, and when owners work or modify them
and find ways of doing things to their cars, and with that in mind
we ask that if any W453 owners carry out such work or mods that
they please start new threads and post up any and all useful as well
as helpful information for the benefit of other W453 owners that may
well be on here by then.
We (the Admin Team) would be more than willing to assist/help with
any threads/posts/Guides, but we would require detailed info; made
up of notes AND photo's at each step/stage of the work you did.
With that information we can then 'convert' it into Technical Guides.
Note:- It goes without saying that we would 'preface' any such Guide
           that we 'construct' will give credit to the supplier of the info,
           before revealing what and how the work was carried out, ok.

So...much as we apologise for there being little on the Forum
in the way of information on the W453 model, we look forward to
hearing/seeing useful info about them appear in the near future.

Thanks, CrazyG on behalf of The Admin Team.
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